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A fan from BB Kings said...

I have had the pleasure of seeing Larry Graham live four times ('74, '77, '80, & '98) prior to the August 28, 2013 show at B.B. King's in NYC.  This was my first encounter with the newly formed Graham Central Station.  Despite their relative youth, the band was clearly in tune with the funk that pre-dated them decades before.  In fact, with all due respect to the late Gaylord 'Flash' Birch, current drummer Brian 'Rio' Braziel may possess the best 'pocket' the band has ever had.  There are a number of things you can be sure of when attending a Graham concert.  Plenty of GCS hits, 'One In A Million You,' and a killer Sly & The Family Stone medley.  On the 28th, however, it was refreshing on numerous accounts.  First, Larry culled some album nuggets such as 'Tell Me What It Is' and 'Love And Happiness,' and added 'Sing A Simple Song' and a touch of 'M'Lady' to the Sly medley.  In addition, he left the stage and allowed vocalist Ashling 'Biscuit' Cole  and the band to distinguish themselves, which they did handsomely.  Although I have had the new CD 'Raise Up' for quite some time, hearing a number of the songs live brought the disc to life once again and I am re-visiting their work.   
Over the years I have found that Larry Graham brings so much energy to his shows that even those who are not as familiar with his catalog become enthralled by the performance.  If you have not see Larry Graham & GCS, or if it has been a while, I would strongly encourage you to see this show.  While it may sound like hyperbole, once you experience them live, you will understand why GCS is one of the 'baddest groups from east to west.'
A fan at Bonnaroo said... 

"You did it again!
The visual dissonance was incredible to soak in, too. It's hard to say whether seeing Kellz backed by Jim James and his lion's mane hairdo or Billy Idol rocking out next to John Oates and his soul patch was weirder to watch. Let's just say both were beautifully bizarre sights to behold.

 Incredibly, neither of those once-in-a-lifetime collaborations were the evening's finest moment. It was the Sly & the Family Stone portion of the night—"Everyday People," "Dance to the Music," "Family Affair," "I Want to Take You Higher," "Hot Fun in the Summertime" and "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)"—led by bassist Larry Graham that rocketed the Superjam into the stratosphere. While some of the Superjam songs earlier in the set fudged the line between communal jam session joy and karaoke hokum ("Love Train" comes to mind), these versatile, funky tracks lent themselves to inventive workouts by the technically proficient band.

 Plus, Alabama Shakes' soul growler Brittany Howard—another surprise Superjam guest and arguable MVP—was perfectly suited to the Sly Stone tracks. Her vocal contributions were perfectly pitched and sincerely felt. Honestly, it would be a real shame if the Shakes didn't add one or more of these songs into their touring setlist."

By the time it ended with a cataclysmic take on Sly & the Fam's "I Want to Take You Higher"—which found Howard and Idol singing backup vocals—the crowd was as ecstatic as it was stunned. It's not often you get to witness an all-star jam session this unlikely that leaves you so profoundly satisfied.

Saw Larry's Concert at the Howard Theater and he brought the funk out of me.
I brought his CD and played it all the way back to Richmond,VA. 
Thanks for the experience. Jack

I saw Larry and GCS at Rams Head in Annapolis, MD, and my husband and I REALLY enjoyed the show!
I had been waiting to seeing the show since my brother gave me "Release your self" album about 25 years ago when I was in Japan.
I have been seeing many music shows and I think this was the BEST & FUNKIEST show I have ever seen!!
I just wanted to thank you for the great show! I am looking forward to seeing Larry &GCS again!  - Yoko Madow

My wife and I attended the concert at Ramshead Tavern in Annapolis Maryland at the suggestion of my brother-in-law based on his experince of seeing Larry at the same venue several months ago.
His description of his experience did not do Larry and the band justice.
I enjoyed the fact that that there was a "meet and greet" after the show and I was truly rewarded with an opportunity to be photographed with Larry and Tina and I also got him to autograph his anthology recorded for my bride.
I'm still buzzing from the whole experience two days later.
Thanks for the another great memory of a truly gifted and blessed artist.

My husband and I so enjoyed your show....this is the second time seeing you 
Please return - We will be there! - The Clan

Just had a chance to be a part of the concert at Rams Head in Annapolis.
Larry and GCS were incredible.
The musicain ship was extremly professional and one of the BEST Shows that I've seen in years. - Johnnie Foreman

Thank you for an amazing show yesterday in Brooklyn, NY yesterday!
My sister and I had a fantastic time. Keep up the excellent work,  Jackie

The Beekman, NYC show was off the chain... Renee Williams

Larry Graham Turned Beekman Beach NYC upside down last night.
2.5 hours of funk bass complete with songs from the Sly Stone era.
He slapped that bass like nobody else could! Priceless! - Regina Ross

I just wanted you to know that you truly Ripped it UP at Newport Beach!
I thought you were absoulutely Amazing, your performance was phenominal.
You Still got it Mr. Graham! Patricia Ann Ransom

Thank you for a great evening in Groningen. 
Simpy a great show, great musicians. What an energy! -  Bert

Wow, what a great performance in Groningen.
Thank you for a wonderful experience! -  Maurits

It was a pleasure and a big party in Zoetermeer Netherlands!
What a great show and what an energy, super enjoyed the 2.5 hours, with a big smile on my face.
Also very nice people in the audience who could sing and play along.
Fantastic concert.
Larry and band thank you very much for this concert!  - Harald

I just got home from the concert in Groningen and WHAT A FUNKY BEAUTIFUL LOVELY CONCERT IT WAS!
I will never forget this evening ! - Johan Langelo.

Respect, love and thanks for an amazing show in Prague and lovely to meet you.
You are a legend as a player and a person. A very happy fan - Marco 

Larry & all at GCS: Thanks for bringing some real music to Prague last night!
Funk-tastic show - "real music for real music lovers". Come back soon, please. Libor Vainer

I was in Annapolis last night and saw your show... Simply the best I have seen in years.
Lots of energy, lots of love... the band was great... and Biscuit can sing! Thanks Kevin Kess

Larry and his bandmates flawlessly played everything from his creative original funk to his hit ballads to jazz standards.
You ain't heard jazz standards until you've heard Larry's baritone voice singing like he wrote it. GCS played so clean and so tight you would have thought it was the record--incredible sound, just incredible.

Some women were screaming so loud, you would have thought it was a crime scene!!!
Sold out as usual, Larry and GCS played some of his songs that they've not played in a while and surprised the entire crowd.
Graham left the stage for one song while his band played Tina Marie's "Square Biz", as it was played and sang note for note, pitch for pitch--Biscut (female singer) simply THREW DOWN in a tribute to her mentor.
There's a musical riot going on by the name of Larry Graham and Graham Central Station--a must see!  George

GCS was HOT!
Had them on LP back in the day!
Looking for the CD's now.
Larry is without doubt 1 of the GREATEST BASS players of all time bridging the FUNK/SOUL/ROCK bridge.
SLAP IT!!  Jay Siekierski

Thank you so much from Paris, France., that was awesome. Félindra Tête de Tigre

This evening I saw you at Tivoli and I wanna thank you for a wonderful night, it was extraordinary.
I knew you were funky, but this evening was something else, you lifted us up.
I wish to thank you and your band, for your incredible funk and the love that came with it. It filled us up completely. Jan-Thijs

Well, that was something!
Thank you for the awesome concert which brought joy into the dark Helsinki.
It was nice to meet you!  Heikke Puskala

Thanks for amazing and inspiring playing in Helsinki!  Gere Mies

Thanks so much for the amazing night in Helsinki and come back soon... next year when the new album is out. Jukka Jarvinen

Thank you so much!
It was a blast here in Helsinki!!!
Please come back soon!Love and blessings!  Rinna Paatso

Wow, ok this makes the third time I've seen Larry perform in 2011, once at Yoshi's, then the Hollywood Bowl and tonight at the Key Club. It just keeps getting better.
Then add Marcus Miller, Verdine White, James Jamerson Jr., Brian Bromberg and many others on the same stage together for a mind blowing bass explosion! Norman Harris

Last night in Atlanta Larry Graham got a standing ovation after they did one in a million and I heard someone yell out ENCORE ENCORE and they kept making noise and getting louder while Larry stood there kinda pacing with his bass and Larry said...."a lot of love....Thats a whole lot of love"....I was so happy to see him get that standing ovation.
IMAGETTIN with Larry on the Bass pedals had me on my feet the entire night and I dont know...I think Mr. Graham stole the show cuz none of the other acts got a standing ovation. Kenneth D. Person 

The Atlanta show yesterday it was incredible!
Keep up the outstanding work  - Chynah Doll

Bombastic concert at the Miles Davis Hall in Montreux!
Couldn't get enough... Funk rules!!!   Roland Habegger

I saw the most outstandIng per4mance from you sir, just the other day in Vienne !
All the best to you .  Brew

What an amazing gig yesterday's night in Vienne (France)
Many many thanks ! Christophe Garnier

Great show in Vienne yesterday Larry, thanks for the Funk lesson, you truly are an influence for me!
Mathieu Panarinfo

What an amazing Show last night in Vienne for Jazz à Vienne !!!! 
Lili Licht

Larry, Biscuit and the boys: Your concert in Copenhagen was just awesome.
Come back real soon!

Dozens of GCS fans were waiting outside of your trailer at DCJazzfest, I kid you not, then suddenly Larry Graham appears inside the trailor and sits down with his hat on.
You should have heard the shear pandamonium.
The funny part was, you've just fired up thousands of folks and here a few dozen of them are gazing in the window and the look on your face was "another day at the office" -  very calm.
I guess they thought you'd still be slapping the tambourine ---in the trailer?
Suddenly, someone comes over lowers the blinds and folks said all at once, ahhhhhhh, as though they'd never see you again. 
LOL.  George

Your performance at tonight's Capital Jazz Festival was nothing short of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!
You still got IT bro!
I hadn't screamed so much, danced in the aisle or jumped in delight since I was in college! 
Thank you very much!
Margaret Moore

Fantastic show at Capital Jazz Festival
Alan Cason


Just wanted to commend you for an excellent performance at the Capital Jazz Fest.
It was nice to meet you and your wife!
Please come to the area again sometime soon!
We will definitely be in the house!!!!

I must say that I was quite impressed with you & your band's performance.
I felt like I was at a party!
It was nice meeting you.

Thank You so much.I have seen GCS-Sly and Family appx 16 times.
The show on 6-4-11 at Capitol Jazz fest. may have been the best one

The show at B.B. Kings was fantastic.
The band was hot and it was loud and clear the way I like it.
When the crowd sung a verse of one in a million (without the band) you look so proud, you asked us to do it again, It was great.
One of the highlights was the feedback section. Man!!!
I can relate, being a guitar player and a fan of Jimi, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Funk will and always be alive.
Marlon J. Graves

Thank you Larry for the bath of funk you laid on us fri nite at BB KING`s
I shall keep da funk on me & within me at all times so now i have one question to ask myself, Can you handle it?
Lance Walker

Thank you for gracing us with your presence at 98.7 KISS-FM and then blowing the roof off BB Kings Blues Club!
Another incredible performance!!!!
Ken Simmons

The show was just unreal, Larry still brings it and just blew me away
Bryan Ulrich

Fantastic show last night, Larry!
An honor to open up for you again, we are in awe.
Have a great tour....and thank you for the great music and vibes!
Reid Tre

Great show last night at BB King's
Pat Lamorgese

Just wanted to drop you a line to say I enjoyed your show at BB King's on June 3rd
Darryl Dixon

I heard U last night on 98.7 Kiss FM in NYC on the Lenny Greene show.
It was good to hear U speak and to update your fans with what U are doing these days.
Rob Lewis

Even though my radio sure sounds good to me it ain't no fun to me to sit at home when I feel the need to dance to the music.
So I say it's alright, release yourself, Mr. Graham I believe in you and thank you for letting me be myself again.
Can you handle that?
Let down you hair, say hey Mr. Writer we want to hear the jam so everyday people can sing a simple song.
People there ain't no bout a doubt it, the GCS concert at Yoshio's on April 9, 2011 was one in a million you need to see sooner or later.
What a most spectacular event...
The venue, the performance and the photo with Larry all added up to a night that will live forever in my memories.
Norman Harris

Had a Funky good time Friday Night at Yoshi's, and thanks for my picture.
Gwendolyn Webber

The funk was rolling out of Yoshi's - Larry & band, blew it up!!!
Dennis Dove

Great show Saturday night!
Greg Novak

Great show last night. The funk was in full effect
Neil Mulgrew.

omg, you were AWESOME in Oakland!
Wendy Fuchs

Mahalo, merci, gracias, thanks a million for having Mom & me at the show tonight.
I wish you woulda played another hour, but it was great to see Prince get onstage with you & give you your due.
Also amazing seeing Cynthia & Jerry throwing down up there with y'alls. They sure seem to have THEIR parts down!
What a ...great night for you & all of us!
Much love, Jer

I sang along LOUDLY, clapped, danced, and throughly enjoyed your magnificent performance at Madison Square Garden. You still ROCKIN DAT BASS!!!
This definately goes into the cherished memory files.
Thank you, Larry Graham & GCS, for making me forget that I'm 51.
I acted like a high school kid at his first concert. I can't remember when I've enjoyed a performance so much, I had a BLAST.
Fan for life, Funk Forever!

It has been a while since you visited Denmark, and the concert you and your band performed here in Copenhagen was amazing!
I have attended a lot of concerts, my main interest being Funk, Soul. -James Brown (R.I.P.) was the best concert when he visited Copenhagen - Until you came to town!
The concert you and your band did just raised the bar for the next funk band playing in Copenhagen.
Thank you for making great music since Sly and the family Stone!
And I hope that you will bring back that Oakland funk to Denmark in the near future!
Best regards, Bobby Frankjaer Kroyer, Copenhagen, Denmark

I saw your Amazing Performance at Billboard Live - Tokyo Sep.10.2010.
I have never had that Amazing and Fantastic time live before!
That's my Gold Experience.
Thank you so much!
I hope see you again soon.

Thank you for the live!
Your "slap" bass really impressed on my memory!
Please come to Japan again!
We all are looking forward to singing and dancing with you.
Narumi Yokoyama

Larry Graham @ Billboard Live Tokyo!!
He is the FUNKIEST KING on stage and the GENTLEST gentleman off stage!
Thank you very much for what you are, Larry!
Michiko Matsuura

We were front row in Belgium way cool of U Larry 2 come on with the drums and even cooler when U walked in the crowd in the pouring rain !!!!!
Much respect 2 U
Marco Verstrynge

Thank you, thank you, thank you forever for the fattest funk on a field ever.
Even the pouring rain couldn't dampen the party spirits.
I will never be able to hear "I can't stand the rain" anymore without visions of Graham Central Station and the totally magnificent Ms. Biscuit...
The jamming with Prince... what can I say?
Some boy journalist from the tv swooped on me (I was wearing a bit of purple) whilst waiting in the blistering heat for the doors to open.
Soundcheck was going on.
He totally flabbergasted me by his question how relevant this music is nowadays...
You all proved more than a point later on.
I have just clicked all my joints and 1 hip back into place and I can't stop boring my friends by raving about the concert.
This is one happy woman!
Thank you again, Mr. Graham. Lots of love and God bless you all... (still smiling)
Inge Braeckevelt - Antwerp, Belgium

If u want to see a real true artist,muscians and entertainer, all wrapped up in one,YOU BETTER GO TO THIS CONCERT!!!
For the aspiring bass player, YOU BETTER GO TO THIS CONCERT!!!
And before u go to the concert don't intend on sitting down, thats not gonna happen,I repeat.. thats not gonna happen!!!
Right now, I'm still feelin' the thump of his bass, and I'm bobbing my head still feelin' the FUNK!!!
"Thank ufolettin me bmyself again"..ok sorry, lost focus!!!
The man is ageless, in sound and appearance.
The band was tight and they sounded smooth...and he still got that fancy footwork.
I had too, too much fun.
Over joyed when I finally saw Tina come on stage, now that put the icing on that Red Velvet Cake!!!
Can't wait for the DVD to come out and a new CD in the future(soon)!!!
Hey Larry , Tina and GCS, stay FUNKY!!!
Lisa Dixon

Okay, Larry took Mpls to another level tonight!
It's good having you part of the Mpls Sound!
If you thought the concert was good, then you don't know NOTHIN'!
After all was said and done, I waited to the bitter end for Larry to come out and do some signing.
Like a lonesome dove, I, the REAL #1 Fan, remained and then had the treat of a life time!
As if my favorite "I Can't Stand the Rain", wasn't enough during the concert, I was able to join Larry back stage!!
Larry, you are a wonderful man (I love you too Tina!) and Kenny, you will never be forgotten; thank you.
Hang around after the concert people, this man is the REAL DEAL and enjoys his fans!
Larry, next time we should kick a little MY R-A-D-I-O-I-O-I-O.
Always know that I'm ready and willing to help out on the mic!!!
Thanks for letting me check off another part of my Bucket List!
Love you Guys!
God Bless, Brenda

Thank you for an outstanding concert last night at the MN Zoo.
Once again, you brought the funk as well as the kitchen sink.
Also, it was great to hear so many of the songs that continue to inspire me - from Sly & The Family Stone to Graham Central Station.
Among the highlights was you coming into the audience thumpin' & pluckin', and seeing your wife, Tina, on stage.
Again, thank you, and God bless you!!!

I had the time off my Life on Wednesday night at BB Kings.
From the second y'all played that first note, I completely lost control of my body.
It's All Good!
Michael Angelo

The show this evening 6.17.10 in the D.C. are was pure GCS in rare form.
The multitude of recent videos on the web are great, but to see Larry and band "LIVE" is a funkalicious treat.
I think structural engineers may close tonight's venue after GCS' thunderous earthquake performance literally shook the music hall.
If he's coming to your area, don't miss this musicfest.
Guaranteed delight!!
God Bless, George S.


Thank you for an enjoyable evening on June 17th in Virginia.
It's not often that we are afforded an opportunity to hear music that is clean and free from the moral corrupt language so prevalent today.
Continue to be strong ... Come back soon!!

Your performance last night at BB King's in NYC has left another enternal "footprint on my soul".
I saw GCS for the firt time back in 1974 during my college days.
Thank you for giving me a 2nd chance in this lifetime, to see you perform again.
Your music has surely taken me and my husband "higher and higher".
Thank you sooooo much!
Peace,  Salondra Mincey

Thanks very much for a great show last night.
Your band can really cook - And your bass playing is inspiring!
That appearance by Prince was quite a treat too.
Once again, it was an extreme pleasure and I hope to see you again in the future.
Mike Mital


I went to the show last night and it was just amazing.
The FUNK has finally returned to NYC.
From the first note to the last.
The band was hot as well.
Sir Larry please don't wait so long to come back to NYC, and thank you for having Prince come by and Jam with you at the show.
God Bless you and your Family
Marlon Graves

You were awesome last night on the David Letterman Show!
Also, I was glad to hear Paul Shaffer give you "props" for the creative genius you are, having made such an amazing contribution to music history.
Larry, thanks for the music; thanks for the funk!

Your Concert at Paradiso, Amsterdam was one of the best concerts i've been to...
Not 1 song felt obligatory, equaled in effort maybe only by the rolling stones stadium concerts...
The whole band was great and seemed to be having fun, "biscuit" setting the mood.
When they started letting people on stage... it made everyone feel they were part of it.
We had a great time, best concert ever!

Thank you and GCS so much for a fantastic and absolutely uplifting night at Koko on Sunday.

Best concert of my life.
I hope you know how much LOVE the UK has for YOU!!!
You were the most sincere, warm and open band I have ever had the pleasure to see.
When you said Larry, that 'change would come', I saw how genuine you were.
Never seen a concert like this in my entire life.
We were left speechless.
I got the T-shirt, the CD, the DVD ... now I'd like a new album please :-) Or a few funky MP3's ... ?
Much love, Mrs H

I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing night at Koko.very funky and cool.
Hope you had as much fun as we did!
A big thank you to Larry and 'Biscuit' for being so courteous at the signing and photos.

Larry you were amazing!
I was at that Jazz Cafe gig in 96 (the crew freakin out stage right!)
The show at KOKO brought it all back.
You are the Bass Master up there with Coltrane and Hendrix, God Bless You and Yours.
The DVD from '96 I got at KOKO confirmed my memories, it was one of the great live performances of all time and the best show I've ever seen!
Graham Silbiger

I just want to say a massive thank you!
The gig in London last night was AWESOME!
I think the best gig I've ever seen!
The band was cooking - Larry looked and sounded and played amazing.
UK isn't a very funky country on the whole - very rare and amazing chance to see you guys showing us how its done!
Suzi Chunk

Saw you for the very first time last night in London.
From the moment of the parade to the stage it was hairs on the back of the neck ,I Knew I was in of something amazing .
Being a musician my self ,I have never seen that kind of show before .
You were hot!!
Hendrix would have been proud of you.
Your bass solo in the audience, I was lucky to be standing next to you.
Truly amazing... you have been such an influence.
Loved the suit you are one cool guy !!.
I did briefly meet your Honey ,Tina at the signing of the DVDs`s and did speak to her.
I would have loved to have thanked you personally.
Come back to the Uk soon ,you are the man !
Kind Regards,  Chris

Absolutely stunning show Larry.
Aint No Fun coz We HAD been waiting for so long.... though It's Alright, The Jam made us Dance to the Music with our Hair out and you took us all Higher - Brilliant.
Simon De Lacy-Leacey

Kokos in London last night- AMAZING!!
Great vibes, Larry you ARE Funk!!
Thankyou for a woooonderful night,
Blessed, Clare Evers

Your concert in London last night was one of the best concerts I have ever seen.
It was a genuine blessing to share this experience, which both my Wife and I will remember forever.
It was our first time seeing you live and you exceeded our expectations one hundred fold.
Thank you for an amazing night.
Love & happiness,  Antony

Thank you for taking CPH higher!
As cool and present as ever!
Long live Graham Central Station!
Ingrid Holland

We sure had great expectations for your concert here in Copenhagen on April 22...
They were NOT AT ALL big enough for what we heard and saw!!!
Your lovely showman ship and monster-swinging music sent us all into the ultimate happy hippie funk-dance-high.
It was a rare privilege to be part of that evening.
My sister my ex wife and their husbands (all born in the fifties) and I have not got our arms and big happy smiles down yet.
Thank you Larry for playing for us, and come back soon!!!

You REALLY blew the roof off in Copenhagen.
You and the band delivered the purest funk, what a BLAST!!!
I'm still shaking.
As a Funk-head myself I'm really picky with my funk, but you and the band played the right kind of funk all night.
I have never seen that venue have SO MUCH ENERGY.
I will never forget this great experience.
A loooong life for you my friend.
Sohail Hassan - Copenhagen - Denmark

Thank you so much for your amazing concert in Paradiso last night!
Akke Pinkster

You smoked man! Belgium loves you, I doubt it if anyone else can top tonight .
Best concert so far this year ( even grace jones has to bow ! )
I brought a friend to the concert who saw you way back in 74 in brussels on the tour with little feat and doobie bros!
Give my regards to your lovely wife,
Keep working the 4 F U N K knobs please!!!
Regards, Walt FM brussel

The show in France was very very beautiful !!!!!!!!!
Thank'ssssssssss !!!!
Timothé Martineau

I have been Funkatized tonight !
Great Show at the Bataclan in Paris !
Big-Max Leo

Tonight show in Paris was so fantastic people were on fire.
You're truly one of the greatest funk master, i'm very excited with your forthcoming record.
Peace 2 you and everyone around you.
Much respect, Regis Pauchard

I was fortunate enough to stand in line and get general admission tickets which worked out well.
Me and my friends were in the 6th row and witnessed a show of a lifetime.
I have been going to concerts since I was a kid.
I am now going to be 50 years old and that was the greatest concert I have ever attended.
You are truly a great performer, gifted from the man above, and I hope to be at one of your next Bay Area concerts...
I met you and your wife after the show and both of you were so welcoming and warm to your fans, and your band was great!
It would be great if you rereleased some of your old songs like family affair.
Thanks from a true fan, and it was so special to see your whole family up on that stage.
With much love, DJ Bobby A.

Great concert in Antwerp.
You took us people higher.
David Bogaerts

I just came back home from your gig an hour ago.
Had to drop you a quick line to say i was BLOWN AWAY...
I've been one of many fans for many years and tonight I felt great, I haven't felt such excitement and joy watching a gig in many years.
Hope to hear you again some time soon and I wish you a great tour.
Sincerely, Maxime Lenssens Brussels, Belgium

I just wanted to say thank you for the great performance at the Regency Ballroom this past Friday.
It's always great to see you back in action.
The evening was extra special for me because I shared the experience with my 18 year old daughter.
Since she was a baby we have been listening to and singing GCS and Sly songs in the car.
My daughter not only had a wonderful time at the concert, she also enjoyed meeting you and taking a picture with you after the show.
Be sure to thank Henry for taking great care of us at the show.
Thanks again for the memories.
Danny Grimaldo

I was on the 3rd row.....and got to speak with all your family members!
IT was FUN!!
WILTON RABB is playing with more authority and confidence. He was great!
Clarence Williams