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"Absolutely love the new CD! Polished and balanced between Larry's funky bass and extrordinary voice. Raise Up !" Norman Harris 
Concert Comments
After the concert with Marcus Miller a fan said...I witnessed with my very eyes the history of funk-jazz-rock bass, and reflect better on Marcus' words when he introduced Larry: "here's my Godfather" - Éric

From The Netherlands
Published on Youtube  Nov 10, 2013

Larry Graham Central Station live in Renesse!
Super giged tha house!
Mr. Graham and his band "Central Station" are in top condition and performing at its best, what a beast on stage !!!
A must see for everyone!
Have fun!

ALL ABOARD FOR Graham Central Station---I'm convinced now that Larry Graham has discovered funkroids (some form of musical steriods) because it is simply against anyone's DNA to consisently play the brand of funk he performed in the otherwise quiet and quaint town of Annapolis, Md. If you think there's a chance Larry has slowed down over the years, think AGAIN, he's not only stepping, he's picked up a few steps. I was certain that during "Release Yourself" Larry would break a string on his bass, as I witness in 1977!!! He started funk bass and GAVE LESSON AFTER LESSON THIS VERY NIGHT-- LIVE AND IN LIVING COLOR. I saw fans walk in, but they certainly limped out with acute whiplash after rubber necking the entire show. Also in the audience next to me was world famous drummer Dennis Chambers (currently w/Carlos Santana 10yrs). I suspect he's a tad sore also.  Y'all need to get out and enjoy the funk LIVE by Larry & his band today!!!! There is simply no need to deprive yourself of this original icon of funk & bass.

George Shephard

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Initial Tour dates posted for US and Europe 

Initial 2014 tour dates announced.

8-26-2013 Larry and Prince play NYC all night last night. Click HERE to read review.

Some of the concerts in Gemany next moth have chaged venues. check out the new concert listings HERE.

For their March 9th show at De Roma in Antwerp, Belgium, Larry Graham & GCS will be joined on stage by special guest N8N, a hip young “new school” artist with a funky “old school” vibe. For more info, you can check out

For their March 10th show at the Jazz Café in London, UK, Larry Graham & GCS will be joined on stage by special guest Mark King, bandleader, singer and amazing bass player of the famous British jazz funk band “Level 42”. This going to be an amazing funky “slap bass” summit! For more info, you can check out

The 2013 initial tour dates announced

10-28-2012 Larry will be on the live Dutch TV show De Wereld Draait Doorbe on November 8th

10-18-2012 - Larry and GCS will heading to Japan for concerts in Tokyo and Osaka in November

The new album - RAISE UP - will be released on September 25th - you can pre order it right now on

More dates added to the tour

The 2012 tour starts this Friday and Saturday at the Blue Note in Milano Italy.

Initial 2012 US concert dates announced - click HERE for dates and venues. 

Larry announces 2012 tour - click HERE for International dates

Larry brings his "Funk Around The World" Tour back to Europe starting in Helsinki tomorrow 11-1-2011.

Nine new European dates and venues in November announced today.

Larry's August 26th concert at "Not Just Jazz" in Virginia has been rescheduled to November 26th due to hurricane Irene.

Larry will perform and accept  a Lifetime Achievement Award At BASS PLAYER LIVE on October 22,23 in LA.

Larry will be performing as “special guest” with Prince at the “NPG Music & Art Festival” on August 6th in Copenhagen,

Euronews review of Larry at Montreux Jazz Fesival
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Larry and Bootsy team up at Funk University

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More venues added to the "Funk Around The World" Tour

Larry is featured on the hidden track at the end of Raphael Saadiq's new album "Stone Rollin'". Larry is also mentioned in the album’s liner notes as "The reason I play the bass".

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Jan 31, 2011 - TV One's "Way Black When" 
Larry Graham - GCS

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Prince picked one of his musical inspirations as the opening act. On this show. it was Graham Central Station, whose leader, the legendary bass player Larry Graham, commented that it was his first time performing at the venue since he appeared as part of Sly & the Family Stone. The headliner briefly joined them for a raucous medley of that group's hits, including such classics as "Family Affair" and "Everyday People." 

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